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Home of Greek Verbs
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The purpose of this site is to provide our customers worldwide the complete conjugations of around 1,000 modern Greek verbs for free. Each verb has been fully conjugated in all tenses and is representative of each type and model of every modern Greek verb.

Apart from the sticky alphabetical menu at the top of the page, a search function is also provided at the header and footer of each page as well as on the right of the homepage . You can enter the Greek verb using Greek or Latin characters. Transliteration is not always successful so we’ve translated a large chunk of Greek verbs into English. Hence, you can also search for a Greek verb… in English.

More exciting features and enhancements will be added in the near future with the help of our partners, the Greek Languge Centre and Bibliagora, the Greek language specialists, so keep an eye on ModernGreekVerbs.com. Hopefully you’ll find this service useful.


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